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FinMarket is a trade name of the company K-DNA Financial Services Ltd, which provides online trading services throughout the European Union. The company is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Traders can operate via one of the most widespread trading terminals worldwide – MetaTrader 4 (MT4). In addition, they can trade through the company’s own terminal, which is available as a web-based version and as a mobile application as well.

The platform looks suitably and easily built. The workplace consists of three non-movable windows – for instruments, for charts, and for trades.

The assets available for trading are in the left window. They are grouped into classes and each group can be expanded to show all the instruments available in it. Each line in this window displays the bid price and the daily change percentage. There is a star symbol next to each instrument and clicking on it adds the instrument to your favorites. There is a search field above and you can search for some particular asset. Clicking the instrument opens its chart and appears in the trade window. Although its name is shown in the charts, it does not appear in the trading window, so it is quite inconvenient as you can place orders for the wrong instrument.

You can place an order by clicking on the Sell or Buy button in the Trade window on the right. The default amount is 0.1 lots, and you can select the different amount from the drop-down menu like. You must first select the SELL button if you want to sell, or the BUY button if you want to buy the asset. Market orders are executed by clicking the Invest button. If you select the “Open trade when rate is” box, you will place a pending order (limit or stop).

Unfortunately, opening a demo account is not available and we were unable to open any orders. Therefore, we cannot show where open positions are displayed.

The chart window is in the central part of the workplace. Charts can be maximized and occupy the entire workspace by clicking the Full Screen button.

Chart types include candlesticks, HeikinAshi, bars, lines, area, and dots. The period of one candle can be selected from one minute to one month. Zooming can be done by the dedicated buttons or by the mouse scroll wheel. There are enough graphical objects available including different types of lines, geometric shapes, text, and Fibonacci retracement.

More than 40 technical indicators are available from the Indicators Wizard menu. You can click the star symbol to select the most used ones in the Favorites menu, where they can be easily found.

The website claims there are some features such as Trading Cubes and Visual Trends, but we could not find them.

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